Save money and boost production on your farm by upgrading to more energy efficient dairy farm equipment. We offer standard incentives so you can easily calculate your costs for upgrading to more energy efficient equipment.

Program Details

Heat Recovery Units. Are systems that use waste heat from the milk bulk tank compressor of a refrigerated milk cooling system to pre-heat water.

Dairy Plate Coolers. This set of stainless steel plates uses cold well water to pre-cool milk before it goes into a bulk tank. A plate type heat exchanger is used to transfer heat from the milk stream to a stream of ambient temperature water. Electric savings is gained by reducing the “downstream” cooling load of the associated refrigerant based system. Generally, there is no opportunity to reclaim heat from the water used in the heat exchange process and it is therefore assumed that this energy is lost. Plate coolers are generally used in conjunction with a variable speed milk transfer pump to manage flow rate of the milk to ensure optimal heat exchange.

Variable Speed Milk Transfer System (VSMT): A VSMT is a VFD regulated pump that allows operators to increase the efficiency of a plate heat exchanger by making the flow of milk slower and more consistent to maximize heat transfer with the heat exchanger. Electrical savings occur “downstream” by reducing the load on the chiller in the milk storage tank.

VFD for Milk Vacuum Pumps. A milk vacuum pump is used to move milk between the milking area and bulk storage. A VFD equipped vacuum pump is used to reduce pump speed, and energy consumption, when pumping needs to fall below peak levels. Electricity is saved relative to a system that pumps at a constant rate.

How to Apply

Your eligibility and application process depends upon the size of your business and type of project. Select the appropriate type below for details about how to apply for incentives available to commercial accounts:

Small Business
Customers with a monthly demand of 60 kW or less over the last 12 months

Medium/Large Business
Customers with a demand greater than 60 kW over the last 12 months

New Construction & Major Renovation Projects
Customer’s project scope is for construction of an entirely new structure or extensive alteration to the existing structure and replacement of HVAC systems and lighting


Have any questions about the incentives, your eligibility or how to apply? Contact us and we can help you get started today.

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