Eligibility & Program Process

Delmarva Power C&I Energy Savings Program Eligibility

To be eligible to participate in the Delmarva Power C&I Energy Savings Program and receive cash incentives, your business must be a commercial, industrial, government, or public/private institutional electric customer with a facility in the Delmarva Power Maryland territory. Requirements may vary by measure-type. The complete terms and conditions can be found in the application.

Note: The maximum annual incentive per individual electric account is $1,000,000. Limited funds are available to support assessments of energy savings opportunities in facilities larger than 100,000 square feet. Contact the Program Office at 866-353-5799 for more details.

Please review the pre-approval details for each incentive. Do not purchase or install equipment before pre-approval is received.

Incentive levels, program rules, and regulations are subject to change.

Application Process

1. Review the page dedicated to the equipment you are interested in. This page will provide you with the most current information for the incentives.

2. If you have questions about the program, contact the Program Office directly at 866-353-5799 or email us at DelmarvaEnergyEfficiency@LMBPS.com or through a Trade Ally (contractor) to discuss energy efficient equipment options.

3. Submit completed application, with supporting documentation as outlined in the instructions tab of the Application Workbook, to the Program Office.

4. Program pre-approval is required for all projects. To receive pre-approval, submit a completed application as well as any required specification sheets and supplemental worksheets for the equipment you are proposing to install. Pre-approval is required prior to purchasing and installing equipment except for emergency installation of HVAC and refrigeration applications that will result in less than $5,000 in total incentives.

5. An offer letter will be sent to the customer confirming our pre-approval of the project and the incentive dollars that will be reserved for the project. The pre-approval may take up to 10 business days after all required material has been received by the Program Office. Additional time may be necessary for Custom Incentive Applications or if a project requires a pre-installation inspection.

6. Purchase and install your energy efficient measures and/or equipment. (Do not purchase equipment before being notified of pre-approval.)

7. After your project is completed, submit all required project documentation:
  • A signed and completed application (with any changes to the pre-approved application).
  • Copies of equipment specification sheets (with changes, if any).
  • Copies of final project invoices showing a detailed breakdown of costs and customer’s signature indicating approval of the costs and confirmation of completed installation.

8. The program staff will review your application and a program representative may visit your facility and inspect the work performed.

9. A confirmation notification will be sent to the key contact once the final approval process has been completed and the check has been issued.

These programs support EmPOWER Maryland administered by the Maryland Energy Administration