Multiple Measure-Type Bonus Incentive

Delmarva Power Business Customers in Maryland can earn 10% bonus incentive money installing multiple energy efficient measures. The incentives will assist businesses in achieving their energy efficiency savings goals while reducing operating cost in the long term. The Multiple Measure-Type Bonus Incentive was created to promote comprehensive energy saving projects within the same facility.

Customers will receive an additional 10% in cash incentives when two or more projects are completed from separate measure-types listed below. Guidelines & Eligibility
  • The second project must be started within six months of completion of the first project and be a different measure-type as stated earlier
  • The bonus incentive is applied to prescriptive measures. Alternative and custom measures contribute towards qualification but the bonus incentive will not be applied; these measures include:
    • Alternative Lighting, Alternative HVAC, Alternative VFD, or Alternative Chiller measures
    • Energy Savings Studies
    • Custom measure-type
    • Retro-commissioning measure-type
  • The bonus incentive may not exceed the cost of the smallest qualifying projects.
  • Projects eligible for new construction, major renovation or the Small Business Program incentives do not qualify for the 10% bonus
  • All Eligibility and Application Guidelines apply
If you are interested in learning more about the Multiple Measure-Type Bonus Incentive please contact the program office.

Call 1-866-353-5799 or email

How to Participate

Learn more about Program Eligibility and Application Process

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If you are eligible for the Multiple Measure-Type Bonus, the Program will confirm your eligibility in the Offer Letter that you will receive for the second project.

Remember, all applications require pre-approval to be eligible. The C&I Energy Savings Program is available to Delmarva Power’s Maryland Business Customers.

If you have questions, call or email our customer service office, below, and a program representative will be able to assist you.

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These programs support EmPOWER Maryland administered by the Maryland Energy Administration