Office Buildings

Energy represents 30 percent of the typical office building's costs and is a property's single largest operating expense. Investing in energy efficiency to control energy costs is a sound business strategy that can help boost the operational cash-flow for your property.

Tenants will reap the rewards of increased workplace comfort and employee morale, and lower utility bills. Building owners can increase the attractiveness of commercial properties to potential tenants by offering higher efficiency lighting, and heating and cooling systems.1 Office Buildings Fact Sheet PDF

Delmarva Power provides standard incentives to businesses for installing a wide range of new, energy-efficient equipment.

The benefits of energy-efficient upgrades are numerous

  • Reduce utility and water costs
  • Increase tenant satisfaction & retention
  • Enhance light and air quality
  • Reduce maintenance and extend equipment life
  • Contribute to a more sustainable future

Earn cash incentives

Office buildings can take advantage of Delmarva Power’s standard incentives for installing new, energy-efficient equipment. Cash incentives are available to customers planning unique equipment and system upgrades and industrial process improvements. If you are planning energy-saving improvements that are not eligible for standard incentives, you may be eligible for custom incentives.

Delmarva Power pays cash incentives for qualifying energy-efficient improvements, such as:

Additional incentive opportunities

  • Operations & Maintenance Training
  • Occupant Training
  • Technical support and cash incentives are offered to owners and design teams for participating in the Comprehensive Design Support process for new construction, major renovation, and building addition projects.

Additional savings

Earn a 10 percent bonus incentive by installing more than one piece of standard equipment in the same facility. The bonus incentive applies to qualified standard equipment only. If you are interested in learning more about the Multiple Measure-Type Bonus Incentive, please contact us.

Enhanced incentives are offered through the Small Business Program. If your building has a monthly demand of 100 kW or less over a twelve month period, you may be eligible for a Walk-Through Energy Assessment (WTEA) and enhanced incentives. The WTEA and the installation of low cost measures (up to $250) will be completed at no additional cost by a Small Business Trade Ally of your choice.

Project Snapshot

Businesses and institutions have access to technical and financial resources to improve lighting, upgrade heating, ventilation and controls systems and build high-performance buildings. Below is an example of a recently completed project at a local office building. Delmarva Power supported the project with advice early in the process and cash incentives after the upgrades were completed, helping the customer save money, improve comfort and boost productivity.

Project TypeLightingVFDChillerAll Projects
Project Cost$290,000$164,500$483,000$937,500
Annual Energy Savings (kWh)690,000163,125450,0011,303,126
Annual Energy Cost Savings2$103,500$24,469$67,500$195,469
Existing Bldgs Incentive$156,640$28,000$3,600$22,064
Multi-Measure Bonus$15,664$2,800$3,600$22,064
Payback (YRS)
2Average price of electricity = $0.15/kWh
3Payback = (Project cost -( incentive + multiple measure-type incentive)) / energy savings

Get started today

Identify energy-efficiency opportunities in your facility and analyze their energy impact and cost-effectiveness. Incentives are available to assist with Energy Savings Studies as well.

If you need technical assistance in completing an energy-efficiency project, qualified contractors from our Trade Ally Network are available to assist you. To find a trade ally in your area please visit Trade Ally Network.

Learn more about:
Program Eligibility and Application Process
Eligible measures and incentives for Existing Buildings Projects
Eligible measures and incentives for New Construction Projects/Major Renovation Projects


These programs support EmPOWER Maryland administered by the Maryland Energy Administration.