Small Business Program

The Delmarva Power C&I Energy Savings Program is offering enhanced cash incentives to businesses, non-profits, faith-based, and government customers that have a monthly demand of 60 KW or less over a twelve month period. Multifamily properties should apply for incentives offered through the Multifamily Program.

Find how the Small Business Program is helping Delmarva Power customers like Benjamin’s Wear it Again. Watch the video below to learn more.

Quick Energy Check-Up
How to Participate
Application Workbooks


  • Quick Energy Check-Up identifies energy-savings opportunities
    • The assessment is performed at the customer’s convenience at no charge
  • Approved Small Business Program trade ally will install up to $250 of recommended low cost measures
  • Cash incentives that can greatly reduce the financial burden of installing new equipment
    • Many incentives cover up to 80% of the program-estimated installed cost
  • Experienced Trade Ally Network can perform the work, allowing you time to focus on other priorities

Small Business Program Eligibility

In order to be eligible to receive the Small Business Program incentives, customers will need to:

  • Have no monthly demand over 60 KW over the last twelve months. This information can be found on your Delmarva Power utility bills
  • Take advantage of the Quick Energy Check-Up offered at no charge
  • Implement a minimum of three low cost/no cost measure(s) identified in the Quick Energy Check-Up. The Small Business Program Trade Ally will install up to $250.00 of low cost measures at no charge.
  • The approved service provider (from the Trade Ally Network) must complete the project within the timelines outlined in the application workbook.


The Program provides all qualified small business customers a Quick Energy Check-Up.

The Quick Energy Check-Up, conducted by program-trained trade allies provides action lists of no-cost/low-cost measure recommendations as well as capital projects that will receive program incentives. Once a minimum of three low cost/no cost measures are completed, the customer is eligible for the enhanced incentives.

No Cost Measures as defined by the Program are measures which by virtue of their cost and associated payback are not eligible for an incentive. The Program will pay a Small Business Program Trade Ally up to $250 to install low cost measures that have been identified in the Quick Energy Check-Up Report. Typical measures which fit into this category have little or no capital cost for labor and materials. One common example is routinely changing an air filter for an HVAC unit.

How to Participate

Learn more about Program Eligibility and Application Process
  • Small Business customers should either complete the Quick Energy Check-up Request Form and submit to the Program Office or contact an approved Small Business Trade Ally from the list on the Program website. If the Small Business has already completed a Quick Energy Check-Up or Walk-through Assessment (WTEA) in past three years no QEC is required and the small business may work with an approved Small Business Trade Ally to submit specific projects.
  • If a QEC Request form is submitted, the Program will confirm your building is eligible to participate in the Small Business Program. Upon notification, you may select an approved Small Business Trade Ally from the list provided and schedule an appointment. If you have already selected a Small Business Trade Ally from the list on the website then the Trade Ally will confirm eligibility in the Program and they will schedule a QEC.
  • The Trade Ally will perform the QEC and provide a comprehensive evaluation for review, consideration, and signatures. This document will also include a list of no-cost/low-cost energy efficiency measures.
  • Once a minimum of three no-cost/low-cost measures have been implemented you are eligible for the enhanced incentives for other projects, such as lighting, refrigeration, or specialized controls.

Please contact us if you are ready to schedule a Quick Energy Check-Up or you are currently considering a project. We can assist you in determining if your business is eligible for this program.
  • All project applications require pre-approval from the program.
  • The C&I Energy Savings Program is available to Delmarva Power Maryland Business Customers, including non-profits, faith-based organizations, government and institutional customers. Multifamily properties, hotels, motels, inns, nursing homes, assisted living, and dormitories should apply for incentives offered through the Multifamily Program.
  • An approved service provider from the Trade Ally Network or a sub-contractor of a Small Business Trade Ally must be used to receive the Small Business Program incentives

Trade Allies or interested contractors should visit Become a Trade Ally for information on the application process and how to participate in the Small Business Program.


All project applications submitted require pre-approval.

The Quick Energy Check-Up is conducted by Small Business Trade Allies or Program staff as described above.

Use the following tip sheet to assist in the completion of the Standard and Alternative Lighting Application Workbook to ensure your application is processed as quickly and efficiently as possible Standard and Alternative Lighting Application Tip Sheet.

Small Business Program Lighting Fixtures and Controls Application (includes standard and alternative incentives)

Lighting represents a large portion of electrical consumption for commercial and industrial buildings. The C&I Energy Savings Program lighting and controls incentives provide benefits you see right away, such as: energy savings, improved lighting quality, and enhanced productivity, as well as experiencing the long term benefit of having longer-lasting lamps that will reduce your maintenance expense.

Small Business Program Variable Frequency Drives Application (includes standard and alternative incentives)

The C&I Energy Savings Program has helped many of our customers save energy and money by providing cash incentives for the purchase and installation of Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs). By controlling motor speed and torque (twisting force) to accommodate system load variations, VFDs coupled with NEMA premium-efficiency motors offer greatly enhanced system control and efficiency.

Small Business Program Custom Project Application

Cash incentives are available to customers planning unique equipment and system upgrades that may not be available as a standard (or prescriptive) measure. If you have energy-saving improvements planned that are not available through other C&I Energy Savings Program incentive programs offered, you may be eligible for custom incentives.

Small Business Program HVAC Application

HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems have a major impact on energy usage. Proper selection, installation, operation, and maintenance of HVAC systems can yield substantial energy savings, help control seasonal spikes in energy usage, and improve comfort and air quality in your commercial / industrial facility.

Small Business Program Commercial Kitchen Equipment and Refrigeration Application

Cash incentives are available for upgrading to new energy efficient CEE, ENERGY STAR®, or WaterSense® qualified equipment for food preparation.

Refrigeration uses large amounts of electric energy at many businesses, such as grocery stores, restaurants, food, as well as many other types of businesses. If your business has refrigeration, installing energy efficient equipment and controls on existing or new equipment can help you reduce energy costs, enhance equipment reliability, and improve your bottom line.

Small Business Program Water Heating, Clothes Washers & Dehumidifiers

The C&I Energy Savings Program offers cash incentives for installing high efficiency commercial heat pump water heaters, commercial and residential clothes washers, and dehumidifiers in existing buildings. By participating and upgrading to more energy efficient electric appliances, you can reduce the purchase cost of the equipment now and benefit from reduced operating and maintenance costs for years to come.

Small Business Specialized Controls Application

We offer cash incentives for installing a range of electrical controls in existing buildings. The use of occupancy sensors and personal controls in offices, hotel rooms, and other types of facilities can provide energy savings by preventing lights and other office equipment from consuming electricity when not in use. Incentives are available for vending machines, smart strips, and other energy savings controls.

If you have questions, call or email our customer service office, below, and a program representative will be able to assist you.

C&I Energy Savings customer service: 1-866-353-5799

Does your HVAC equipment need a tune-up? Take advantage of the cash incentives available for a HVAC Tune-up today! Check out the HVAC Tune-up page to learn more.

These programs support EmPOWER Maryland administered by the Maryland Energy Administration