Webinar Presentations

Below are presentations from previous Webinars. The presentations are available as Adobe Acrobat PDFs. Download Adobe Reader. The audio files are available as MP3 files. Download Windows Media Player.

Informational WebinarsPresentation
Small Business Program Overview Webinar(PDF 856 KB)
Learn how Retailers can Save Energy and Money(PDF 963 KB)
Learn how Grocery and Convenience Stores can save Energy and Money Webinar(PDF 1.1 MB)
Learn how Hotels and Restaurants can Save Money and Energy(PDF 1.1 MB)
Learn How to Complete Program FormsPresentation
#1 Incentive Application Training – Workbook Structure(WebEx Link)
Incentive Application Training – LIghting Workbook(WebEx Link)
Small Business Program Walk-Through Energy Assessment Tool Training Presentation
Introduction and Overview(WebEx Link)
Application and No Cost Low Cost Measures(WebEx Link)
Lighting Measures(WebEx Link)
Non-Lighting Measures(WebEx Link)
Completing and Error Checking(WebEx Link)
Portfolio Manager OverviewMedia Files
Portfolio Manager: Session 1 – Overview(WMV 11 MB)

(MP4 7.9 MB)
Portfolio Manager: Session 2 – Behind the Score(WMV 11.9 MB)

(MP4 8.5 MB)
Portfolio Manager: Session 3 – Gathering Data(WMV 53 MB)

(MP4 32 MB)
Portfolio Manager: Session 4 – Results(WMV 22 MB)

(MP4 15 MB)

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